Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I have a panther!

We have two cats, well really my wife has a cat and I have a cat. Mine is a beautiful Bombay named Tibalt(The Prince of Cats) Who is loving and destructive and weighs in at a svelt 17 pounds. My wifes is a Maine Coon named drifter. He is very nice and cuddly with her but really doesn't like me much.
My wife and I both have a strange sense of humor that a lot of people don't seem to really "get". When we moved into our house, one of us, and we cannot agree on who, must have told the electric company that we had a large cat.( Referring to Drifter I guess)So after about 6 months of living there I get a call from them. They are very polite and inform me that a meter reader will be coming out to read my meter and could I please put my animal away. Confused, I ask them what animal and they tell me that it is in my files that we have a large cat. I laugh and explain to them that although we do have a large housecat he is not dangerous and their reader will be fine. 6 months later, same call, and 6 months after that. I tried 4 times to get them to remove that from our file but they seem to be incapable of doing that. Finally I just said fine, I will put him away. The operator pauses for a brief instant and then asks, if you don't mind what kind of cat is he? At this point, I am fed up so I say a Puma, I have a Puma in a tiny house. She laughs nervously and then hangs up. I guess I will probably have to answer these calls for the duration of our stay in this house...

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