Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My life is bags

My life is organized into three bags that I carry around in my car. Well, 3 bags and a beautiful wife is more accurate but this is really about the bags. I have my work bag, that contains my laptop and other work stuff. We work in a non assigned work area so I live out of my work bag every day at work. At the end of the work day I pack it up and take it with me to my car. Then I have my workout bag. Every morning I go to the gym, I open my bag and remove the carefully packed workout gear. On goes the triathlon watch, on goes the ipod, then I bust through whatever training I have scheduled for the day. Repack the bag and off to work. The third bag is my tennis bag, rackets and shoes and clothes to play. Every day after work, I drive to my club, change into my tennis gear and hit the courts. Generally I hit for an hour with someone and then for an hour on the ball machine. Then home. All three bags come out of the car, go on the table and get repacked for the next day. It is an interesting way to live but it feels organized.

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