Saturday, June 28, 2014


Hi! I have been using blogs as self tracking devices for years but I never tell anyone how to find them! I just putter along using it to track training or life stuff until I have a handle on it and then I stop posting to it. I was also one of the posters on a huge nerd blog a few years back but that pretty much disintegrated for some reason. So this is just me, writing, maybe I will actually tell some people where this is! I am an oddity in that I don't know anyone else quite like me. I enjoy nerdy things like role playing games and larp but I am driven to excel in non nerdy things like tennis and running and triathalon. This is possibly due to some sort of scarring from my childhood. I am obsessive in my pursuits, like severely obsessive. I have been working on tennis for the last 4 or 5 years and I train every day, like every day without fail. I can count the number of times that I have not trained on one hand and I remember each of those days vividly( Mostly funerals and hospital time). So why should you want to read my blog? I have no idea! Maybe you don't! I am just going to try to post a couple times a week about stuff I am doing or nerdy things that I enjoy. I have to run now though because I have a 4 hour training day today, 1 hour on the ball machine a singles match and then 2 hours in the gym doing triathalon stuff, see it might be fun to watch me be crazy!

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